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Tooth extraction in Arlington is often recommended for wisdom teeth or damaged teeth. In the majority of cases, a tooth can be treated in time to save the main structure of the tooth. In more severe cases, the tooth may need to be removed entirely in order to maintain a healthy smile. Additionally, tooth extraction may be recommended in cases where a tooth has been damaged or is severely unhealthy. In instances of a tooth being knocked out, tooth extraction may still be required to remove the structures of the teeth below the gumline.

One of the most common forms of tooth extraction is wisdom tooth removal. Wisdom teeth extraction is typically performed during the late teenage years or early twenties. Wisdom teeth are often removed as they can cause painful symptoms and complications. It is usually recommended that wisdom teeth are extracted before they cause any painful symptoms to ensure the health of your smile. At Pashapour Oral + Facial Surgery, we offer wisdom teeth removal and tooth extraction.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wisdom teeth are the last teeth within the mouth to emerge, which usually occurs during your late teenage years or early twenties. The emergence of wisdom teeth can often result in dental complications, including overcrowding, pain, nerve damage, misalignment of the teeth, and more. In order to prevent these serious complications, wisdom teeth are often extracted before they cause complications. Removing these teeth before they emerge from the gumline is typically the best way to ensure the health of your smile.

While wisdom teeth usually cause the majority of complications as they emerge, it is often recommended to remove the wisdom teeth to avoid future complications. When wisdom teeth are partially or fully trapped beneath the gumline, they are referred to as impacted. Wisdom teeth extraction removes these impacted wisdom teeth and prevents the development of painful oral complications.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction may be recommended for a variety of medical reasons. For example, patients with severe overcrowding may benefit from teeth removal, as it will allow for the remaining teeth to have more room and proper alignment with braces. Another main cause for tooth extraction is infection of the tooth or severe tooth decay. When the tooth is unhealthy and cannot be saved through traditional dental treatments, tooth extraction may be recommended. Finally, when a tooth is broken, knocked out, or chipped, tooth removal surgery may be needed.

Following tooth extraction, we offer dental implants to replace missing teeth. When a tooth is removed, it increases your risk of jawbone absorption and developing low jawbone density. To prevent this, we recommend dental implant surgery shortly following tooth extraction. In some cases, Dr. Pashapour and his surgical team may be able to perform tooth extraction and dental implant surgery in the same visit.

Tooth Extraction

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Dr. Pashapour and his staff at Pashapour Oral + Facial Surgery would be happy to discuss the details of tooth removal with you. To schedule an appointment in Washington, DC or Arlington, please call our office at 703-566-1990 or request an appointment online.


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