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Morpheus8 body tightening in Arlington is a minimally invasive cosmetic rejuvenation procedure for the skin that treats and targets a wide variety of problem areas on the body. Skin concerns such as stretch marks, cellulite, scars, and uneven skin texture can all be treated with Morpheus8. We offer Morpheus8 body for patients in the Arlington, VA and Washington DC areas. This body rejuvenation procedure is FDA approved and is safe to use on all skin types and tones without downtime following the procedure. Morpheus8 provides patients with a rejuvenated, tightened, and youthful appearance without undergoing an invasive skin rejuvenation surgery or treatment. Body tightening with Morpheus8 is ideal for patients who are unhappy with the way their skin is showing signs of aging or other skin imperfections. It is common for individuals to wish to reverse the effects of aging or want to restore their skin by undergoing body rejuvenation procedures in order to achieve smoother, tighter-looking skin. With Morpheus8 body tightening, patients are able to achieve a rejuvenated body, and restore a more youthful, vibrant appearance to their skin.

What is Morpheus8 Body?

Morpheus8 body is a skin rejuvenation treatment that utilizes microneedling techniques and radiofrequency technology to target problem areas of the abdomen, upper arms, bra roll, thighs, buttocks, knees, flanks, and more. Morpheus8 contours the body, treats skin concerns, and promotes collagen production. Collagen is a protein that decreases with age and is a direct factor in causing the skin to sag, lack in volume, and create other skin imperfections such as wrinkles, cellulite, and more.

Morpheus8 for the body results in firmer skin and a more toned physique. This skin rejuvenating treatment leaves patients with an overall improvement in their complexion and appearance, and a restored natural-looking glow to their skin. Morpheus8 body tightening is designed to be a customizable treatment in order to meet the needs and desires of each individual patient and to achieve each patient’s goals.


What are the Benefits of Morpheus8 Body?

Morpheus8 body can enhance the overall appearance of the body without undergoing surgical procedures or treatments. This alternative to surgical procedures is a beneficial alternative for those who are not comfortable with invasive procedures, or the risks associated with surgery. Morpheus8 for the body does not require anesthesia or incisions leading to natural-looking, scar free results, and no downtime required.


What Should I Expect During My Morpheus8 Body Treatment?

Before undergoing Morpheus8 at our Arlington office, a treatment plan will be created to ensure that during the procedure each problem area is targeted and addressed. During the Morpheus8 treatment, the skin is penetrated with micropins to create micro-punctures. Through the small punctures the deeper layers of the skin are stimulated with radiofrequency energy, which is absorbed by the skin as heat, resulting in the production of collagen. The collagen production repairs the skin to become tighter and youthful in appearance. Depending on the amount of radiofrequency energy being administered, the size of the needle used can be adjusted. Morpheus8 is performed in designated sections to ensure patient comfort is being prioritized throughout the duration of the procedure and to successfully target each problem area precisely and effectively. This procedure is conducted in-office and can be completed in as little as an hour.

What Should I Expect After My Morpheus8 Body Treatment?

After the Morpheus8 body treatment, patients may experience swelling and tenderness, bruising, or redness and irritation for several days after the treatment. Patients are advised to avoid direct sun exposure and use SPF sunscreen on the treated areas. Patients should make sure the treated areas are kept clean and dry for the first two days following the procedures to avoid irritation. Some patients may experience results immediately after Morpheus8 body, but the full effects of the treatment will continue to gradually appear for about three months after the procedure.


How can I get started with Morpheus8 Body Treatment in Arlington, VA?

Dr. Pashapour and his staff at Pashapour Oral + Facial Surgery would be happy to discuss the details of Morpheus8 body tightening with you. To schedule an appointment in Washington, DC, or Arlington, please call our office at 703-566-1990 or request an appointment online.

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