Dental Implants Before and After * | Upper Lower Fixed Hybrid

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Upper Lower Fixed Hybrid

  • Before Dental ImplantsBefore Dental Implants
  • After Dental ImplantsAfter Dental Implants
  • Before TreatmentBefore Treatment
  • Before Cone Beam AnalysisBefore Cone Beam Analysis
  • Before Lab ConsultBefore Lab Consult
  • Before ProcedureBefore Procedure
  • Before Procedure ImageBefore Procedure
  • During ProcedureDuring Procedure
  • During Procedure ImageDuring Procedure
  • After TreatmentAfter Treatment
  • After Treatment ImageAfter Treatment
  • After Treatment - Left SideAfter Treatment - Left Side
  • After Treatment - Right SideAfter Treatment - Right Side
  • Final ResultFinal Result

80 year old male was having problems chewing properly. Patient had a long history of dental pain, caries, and abscess. Patient went to Clear Choice before visiting us.

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Georgetown University The University of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine Drexel University College Of Medicine University Of Medicine & Dentistry Of New Jersey

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